lens-artists: the sun will come out tomorrow

O Sun that rose in the eastern corner of Earth,

Looking as though you came from under the ground,

When you crossed the sky and entered the deep sea,

Where did you stable your six dragon-steeds?

Now and of old your journeys have never ceased:

… ~Li Po (cited: gutenberg.org)

morning’s sun

I did not sleep, gazing at the moon all night 
But the dawning of the day 
Was in whiteness of hoar-frost.
~Izumi Shikibu (cited: Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan)

morning’s light

the early sun
reaches the valley…
roses of Sharon
~Issa (cited: haikuguy.com)

morning’s light

Anvica’s Gallery is hosting this week’s lens-artist’s photo challenge: the sun will come out tomorrow

11 replies to “lens-artists: the sun will come out tomorrow

  1. Great post, Brenda, thank you very much for joining! 🙂
    I was pleasantly surprised that some of you have decided to show us not only light, but shadows. We are all made of light and shadow.

    1. Thank you for hosting this week and for the challenge. I find that I don’t have the photography knowledge to create the beautiful images you offered so decided to review my files to post early morning sun.

    1. Thank you Tina. It was fun to explore Li Po’s writings for this challenge. I decided that early morning sunlight was a verification of “the sun will come out tomorrow.”

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