lens-artists photo challenge: precious moment

Opening a door of gratitude…

Reading an author’s words that have traveled through time and space.

Regret that dropping sun’s dusk;
Love this cold stream’s clearness.
Western beams follow flowing water;
Stir a ripple in wandering person’s mind.
Idly sing, gazing at cloudy moon;
Song done—sound of tall pines. ~Li Po*

Camping with family in the Snowies

Watching clouds drift over Cameron Peak

Watching children explore life through play

Waking to the silence of an early Spring’s snowfall

Being grateful for photographers inviting me to see the beauty of the blue and yellowish-brown colors of early spring

Driving through Wyoming on clear roadways

Seeing the smile of togetherness

Opening myself to the wisdom of words spoke by those younger than I

Sharing precious love-filled moments

This week Amy (The World is a Book) invited us to share precious moments we have had, before or during the pandemic.

*cited: Trans – Arthur Waley, The Poet Li Po Project Gutenberg ebook

19 replies to “lens-artists photo challenge: precious moment

      1. My initials are LAJ. I thought loisajay was such an awesome play on the initials. I was the only one who thought so….. Thanks, Brenda.

  1. What a wonderful photo series, Brenda. I can feel the joyfulness and peacefulness through your reading and beautiful photos of silent spring, clouds, children, blue sky, and smiles. Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us.

    1. Thank you Janet. I once read that Basho (I think it was Basho) noted that to write haiku one needed to first study Chinese poetry. I do hope you found yourself with a smile during this visit.

  2. What a lovely thoughtful post Brenda. The opening poem and the matching door image are a wonderful beginning and the video a great way to end. Happy holidays to you and yours.

    1. Thank you Tina. The door opened into a candy store…I’ve not been downtown since early spring so I’m not sure if the store has “survived.” May you also have wonderful holiday.

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