lens artists photo challenge: striped and checked

Once upon a time
A tiny striped caterpillar
Burst from the egg
Which had been home 
For so long.
"Hello world," he said. 
"It sure is bright out here in the sun."
(excerpt from Trina Paulus, Hope for the Flowers)
Nikon D750 f/5.6 1/500s 85mm 100 ISO
Nikon D750 f/5 1/400s 56mm 100 ISO
Nikon D750 f/1.8 1/4000s 35mm 200 ISO

Fun striped and checked findings for Leya’s lens-artists photo challenge!

17 replies to “lens artists photo challenge: striped and checked

  1. that excerpt was beautiful and nice take on the challenge theme – the lady’s pants and baby carrier – and whole mood are so culture rich – and the man with hat – looking in like that whispers a story and maybe could hear a twang in the wind

  2. Story builders all. Just love the striped lady and her baby. The chairs, the trash bin, the bikes – every corner of this image oozes of checks and stripes. Well chosen.

    1. Leya, thank you for your words. I find the manner by which the infant is wrapped…the warmth containing one beating heart touching another beating heart as well as the mother’s hand upon the head…seems to be such a calming touch.

  3. LOL I must admit I missed the fact that there was a baby in your opening image I was so drawn to the striped legs of the mother Brenda! Excellent images all – I agree each has a wonderful story to tell.

    1. Thank you Tina. “Excellent” brings a smile…someday maybe I will meet this amazing mother and thank her for such a wonderful message of motherhood.

    1. Thanks Amy…great to hear from you again and “remarkable” is great to read! I often wonder if the striped pants and wrap were intentional or did everything just come together making an interesting fashion statement.

  4. thanks for using the beginning of my book for this fun series. trina, author of Hope For the Flowers.

    1. Thank you for writing this amazing book. I was first introduced to this writing at a theatre production at Mesa College in Grand Junction, Colorado many many years ago. We have a rather tattered copy.

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