lens-artists photo challenge: geometry

“Yes, a line is fine, but when a line swerves, when a line bends, watch what happens . . . a shape begins!…

“A square is four sides all the same — … blocks to build with, share and stack…

“A rectangle is like a square with something rearranged. Two sides are long and two are short. …

“A circle’s … the bowl Mom fills with hot noddle soup, … a cookie to eat, … a big drum to beat, bicycle wheels …

“A triangle is three — three sides, three corners too … the pyramids of old, a lunch of jam and bread, a napkin to fold …

“An oval’s like a circle, except it’s not …” (cited: R G Greene, When a Line Bends . . . a Shape Begins)

Join Patti’s (P.A. Moed) Lens-Artists challenge — to share shapes that are visually interesting and form a pattern or rhythm.

16 replies to “lens-artists photo challenge: geometry

  1. I cannot imagine a better use of a quotation, perfectly illustrated by wonderful images, than your choice this week Brenda. Truly outstanding response to the challenge!

    1. Thank you Tina. I once read that everything around is created by basic shapes — a tree is a triangle on top of a rectangle

  2. Very cool post, Brenda, both in words and images. Stunning in black and white or sepia. Your first, third, and fourth images are visual poetry. Lovely.

  3. These images are remarkable, Brenda. I love the bike image. The angle you took for the third one is brilliant!

    1. Thanks Amy. After being on the deck for over a year…they removed the bike a few weeks ago. It was interesting to see how nature interacted with the bike.

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