lens-artists photo: it is a wonderful world

My friend is lodging high in the Eastern Range,

Dearly loving the beauty of valleys and hills.

At Green Spring he lies in the empty woods;

And is still asleep when the sun shines on high.

A pine-tree wind dusts his sleeves and coat;

A pebbly stream cleans his heart and ears.

I envy you, who far from strife and talk

Are high-propped on a pillow of blue cloud. ~ Li Po*

A summer’s sprinkle

A spring snowstorm

It is a wonderful world…Amy (The World is a Book)

*(cited: Arthur Waley, The Poet Li Pl Gutenberg Project

13 replies to “lens-artists photo: it is a wonderful world

  1. Summer waterdrops and winter snow are beautifully captured, Brenda. Changing seasons are wonderful!

    1. Thank you…to ponder, for a moment or two, the positive flow from one to another through the sharing of images that are “lovely and wonderful”

  2. well done with words and photos – the pair of photos had such nice harmony and contrast – and then within each photo was so much beauty – the summer’s sprinkle had the lighter color to the front and was a great angle

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