lens-artist: keep walking

Urban Hiking

I am old and I am bored. I was never very wise and my mind has never walked much further than my feet. Oh my forest, my forest … I go back and back to wander there.

There blue fingers of the moon still play on my old lute. There wind scatters clouds and comes down to flutter my robe.

You ask me what is the best happiness of all? In the forest it is sweet to hear a girl singing on the path, after she has stoped to ask her way, and thanked you with a smile. ~Wang-Wei*

Thank you Amy (The World is a Book) for this week’s lens-artists challenge: Keep Walking.

*cited: The Jade Flute: Chinese Poems in Prose: The Project Gutenberg

14 replies to “lens-artist: keep walking

  1. You always have the absolute best quotes Brenda – this week especially. Loved the images as well. My favorite this week the hustle and bustle imagery in your “walking in motion” pan.

  2. Nice set of walkers you have here. I liked the ghostly photo, but the one where the guy seems to be walking into a solid wall of pillars is the one on which my eyes snagged

  3. Great set of images for this week’s theme! I like the one with the two guys walking in opposite directions, and the one with the line of columns 🙂

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