lens-artists: over the hill

Not for stilts

but as a cane

bamboo serves me now,

I who call to mind

the games of childhood ~Saigyo (BW, Poems of a Mountain Home)


How did

a dewdrop last? ~Kigen (YH, Japanese Death Poems)

How few our years of golden youth! How certain our gray years of age! ~Emperor Wu-ti

(The Jade Flute, Various; The Project Gutenberg Ebook)

Wind Kisses invites photographers to share images reflective of their relationship with over the hill.

16 replies to “lens-artists: over the hill

  1. Stunning images, Brenda. The poetry draws us to the photos and brings them to life. My favorite is of the fence rolling over the dune. It takes us over, and directs us to what is ahead. Your post is well thought out. And certainly meditative as I would expect….

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