lens-artists: flower favorites

Pale green night and flowers all melting into one 
    in the soft haze–
Everywhere the moon, glimmering in the Spring night.
~ The Sarashina Diary

Color of the flower

 Has already faded away,

While in idle thoughts

My life passes vainly by,

 As I watch the long rains fall. ~ Ono no Komachi

A fallen flower

Flew back to its perch

A butterfly ~Moritake

Since you went away

No flowers are left on earth ~ Sôseki

Within one memory is my mother sharing with me her favorite flower, Sweet Peas. Within another, is watching her caring for a Venus Flytrap.

This week Ann-Christine (Leya To See a World in a Grain of Sand) invites lens-artist to share their favorite flowers and plants and their silent stories.  

After I contemplated this week’s photo challenge, I find that I don’t have a favorite flower. I do though have private memories tuck away into blossoms. I also call upon flowers placed upon memorial stones to message grief that lives within the love that lives beyond time.

May all places be held sacred.
May all beings be cherished.

May all injustices of oppression and devaluation
be fully righted, remedied and healed.
May all wounds to forests, rivers, deserts, oceans,
all wounds to Mother Earth be lovingly restored to bountiful health.

May all beings everywhere delight in whale song, birdsong and blue sky.
May all beings abide in peace and well-being, awaken and be free.

16 replies to “lens-artists: flower favorites

  1. A masterful post Brenda. Every image is superb, every quote is perfect and your closing thoughts are beautify composed and very well said. I especially loved the flowers in yellow/brown tones, as well as the beautiful red flowers – poppies???

  2. Exquisite photography and flowers…and poetry and quotes. Thank you for your thoughts and memories, Brenda. A thoroughly wonderful post. The poppies and the magnolia took my breath away.

  3. A wonderful gallery and I appreciated your blessings too. My favourites, unusually for me, are the b&w ones. They are so sensitive.

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