lens-artists: flights of fancy

passing as I play

a swaying dandelion

on an autumn breeze

let’s take flight of fancy to where the fairies live …

Dearest Gwen,

I head a pigeon’s “coo coo” this morning. She was resting on the chimney. Her voice flew down the chimney, out of the fireplace, and up the stairs.

I can hear you say, “Grandma Brenda voices don’t have wings. They cannot fly.”

Yes, voices don’t have wings. But somehow they do travel from one place to another.

Let us imagine voices having tiny tiny butterfly wings.

Wings like the Western Blue Beauty or Monarch Butterfly. Other voices could be flying through the sky with miniature dragonfly wings.

Or maybe we could draw the “chirp chirp chirp” of the Robin’s song with majestic wings of gold that would glitter in the Spring’s morning sun.

I would like to see a voice’s wings knitted from spider silk. A silverly white that would carry the momentous sound of a distance crane in flight.

Oh our imagination opens us up to wonderful possibilities.

I love you.

Grandma Brenda

Thank you John (Journeys with JohnBo) for this invitation to play, to wander where fairies live, and yes imagine voices having wings.

30 replies to “lens-artists: flights of fancy

  1. Well Brenda, I don’t know if you really are Grandma Brenda but if not you should be. No little girl could possibly not love an adore you after seeing this – truly a flight of fancy. Well worthy of publishing, sheer (literally and figuratively) perfection.

    1. Thank you Tina for your validating words. It might be fun to image words transforming into images that dance with the rhythm of thoughts…hum..

  2. As I review this week’s responses to my challenge, I am enjoying the unique takes on the theme. Yours is one of my favorites! So also said the butterfly to the dragonfly. 🙂

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