lens-artists: alone time

A freshly-opened cherry bud … her lips upon the flute. She leans in the corner of the balcony: the night is chill, her silken robes are thin, her fingers cold . . . but music floats through the frosty woods and startled plums fall pattering down. ~Chang Hsien (Ed. various. The Jade Flute, The Project Gutenberg eBook)

The general sense impressions I have of “alone times” are moments of grief and loss as well as feelings similar to forlorn, isolated, lonely.

if there’s a house
standing alone, sure enough…
plum blossoms
~Issa (www.haikuguy.com)

I have often pondered a different sense of “alone” after learning of it’s origins; Middle English, “all one.”

“All one” speaks to me of a time of solitary; a sense of completion, wholeness, self-direction, and freedom.

Leya’s Alone Time

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  1. A beautiful alone gallery, in beautiful tones, Brenda. the little girl stands out, and I get the feeling of fear. And thank you also for revealing the origin – all one. In Swedish it is “ensam” – en sam – not together with others.

  2. Great selections. I love that your photos speak to the somber mood you speak of. I particularly love the feature photo, and the man about to enter through the columns.

  3. A marvelous interpretation of the challenge this week Brenda. Loved your interpretation of lonely vs all-one, and all of your solitary images. Perfect!

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