lens-artists: Road (most often) taken

Road trips! I love spontaneous road trips with nights in “X-Files” motels that invite with their buzzing neon vacancy sign.

I delight in planned vacations that included staying in city centered-hotels, having breakfast while watching national news, and then roaming (with camera in hand) through art galleries, museums, churches, parks, historical buildings, cemeteries, and shopping districts.

I welcome intentional photo walks that invite an openness to be present to the world as it presents itself and to delight in the richness, complex and wondrous elements of life.

These roads most often taken is Contemplative Photography where I open myself to what is and to see without expectations.

Journeys with Johnbo: The Road (most often) Taken

17 replies to “lens-artists: Road (most often) taken

  1. I love the abstract nature of your images and I like that you’re using the term “contemplative photography”. The term really describes well the style you’ve chosen to share.

  2. Love it. The best kind of photography…presence. Your photos always bring that chance to contemplate. There are never wrong answers with that.

  3. brenda, your photos are so reflective and I like how you mentioned “having breakfast while watching national news” because when I travel, I love to do that too

      1. Well I never really considered myself a traveler (not in the adventure way you and others do it) but because I have lived away from family all of my adult life – traveling found me! If that makes sense – so road trips and flights became a normal part of my life and led to some diversity in photos – but not as fun as those who travel for leisure

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