lens artists: spring

March winds bring April showers and May flowers

In northeastern Colorado, March and April often bring heavy snow storms. While many across the globe may be tired of snow, I delight watching big snowflakes cover the world outside my window waiting with anticipation for the stilled silence that will embrace the neighborhood.

Waking up to a snow covered streets is a sure sign that soon there will be a call; it’s a snow day! A guiltless day away from the office, yes!

And then after a sleep in, there is a walk through the park and being silently greeted by snow people.

Do you remember playing King of the Mountain on the big piles of snow left by snow plows?

The next best part of these storms is the warning that occurs in a day or two … the sounds of melting snow’s rivulets and the touch of spring’s silken breezes.

spring begins–
sparrows at my gate
with healthy faces ~Issa (haikuguy.com)

Sofia Photographias: spring

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  1. There is definitely a certain blessing for those in cold climates as their snow season fades into spring. My brother is also in Colorado and he sent me photos this week of the latest snowfall. But springtime there is even more vibrant than here because I think of the heartiness of the surviving plants. Loved your description of the “snow day” – how well I remember those!! Also loved the haiku as well of course as your images.

  2. I love your photo of the intersection with the STOP sign–almost a command–to stop and admire the quietness of the winter wonderland before us. Such a pretty photo, Brenda.

  3. Wonderful post. I love snow photos, and yours are brilliant, but not so much being there, all I can think of is the disruption it brings! Your magnolia photo is an absolute gem.

    1. Thank you for your validating words “wonderful post”, “brilliant”, and “absolute gem.” Inspires me to continue on…

  4. Your images are beautiful Brenda. I remember waking up to such a snow scene while staying at my Son’s home in Reno. I’m also glad that you enjoy it.

    1. The snowstorms in spring and autumn are so amazing…I think it is because the snow is big and fluffy. Thank you Anne for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

  5. I love this, and can completely relate to the “snow day” call. You brought such light to walking into spring. I love the bees doing their thing . Happy Spring, Brenda

    1. I read that we had 10 inches of snow this pass week…melting away. Starting to see leaf buds…no flowers yet.

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